Firebase is cool — Easy IP geolocation on Mapbox GL JS page-load

(warning: this all is probably obvious to people who know Firebase, but I didn’t see any direct references to this feature, so I figured I’d write it up)

Over the past few weeks I’ve been learning my way around Firebase; I use it to host my current side-project, a webapp (, which uses Mapbox GL JS to render an interactive map of natural disasters, nuclear targets, and the like.

Today I took a shot at adding a convenience feature; during the initial page load, I wanted to zoom to the user’s actual location, instead of just defaulting to the center of the US.  Mapbox and Firebase have made this project stupidly easy so far, so I was optimistic this would also be easy.

Precise geolocation is certainly possible through Mapbox GL JS, but I’d have to use the actual browser location APIs; those require permissions, which is a noisy user-experience if it happens during initial page-load: 

(and frankly, people have no reason to give my random webapp their location.  I’m not that important.)

A lighter-weight version of geolocation would be to just geo-locate based on the user’s IP address.  IP geolocation isn’t very accurate — IP addresses move around, so I’m not going to get more precision than a city.  For my purposes, that’s fine. And unlike real location, I don’t have to get permission to see a user’s IP address.*

Mapping IP address to a location still takes a dataset and a bit of work though.  A number of sites offer IP to location services, but I wasn’t really thrilled about creating an account with a location service, managing an API key, and giving my credit card to internet randos just for this convenience.

Luckily, I discovered an easier way: it turns out that even though I’m using Firebase and not AppEngine, all the AppEngine request headers are attached to my Firebase function requests.  Among those is x-appengine-citylatlong, which is (more or less) exactly what I want. 

So, I built a tiny Firebase function which does nothing except listen for requests and pipe the location back into the response so I can use it in Mapbox:

'use strict';

const functions = require('firebase-functions');
const admin = require('firebase-admin');

const cors = require('cors')({
  origin: true

exports.getCoordinates = functions.https.onRequest((req, res) => {
  cors(req, res, () => {
      "data": {
        "coords": req.headers['x-appengine-citylatlong']

(this function ended up being pretty trivial, but I struggled for a bit because it wasn’t obvious (to me) how to directly return JSON from a Firebase function.  Firebase functions are (rightfully) built around the idea of returning Promises, because most Firebase functions proxy async services — storing data in database, putting it on GCS, etc.  It’s pretty unusual that a function is able to do what I do here — respond immediately, based only on the headers.)

Anyway, this function does exactly what I want it to do; it returns the coordinates of the request:

$ curl


On the Mapbox side, we can use this to flyTo the coordinates as soon as the map is loaded:

//  wait until the map is loaded
map.on('load', function () {

    // fetch the user coordinates from firebase
    var getCoordinates = firebase.functions().httpsCallable('getCoordinates');
    getCoordinates({}).then(function (result) {

      if ( {

          let latLong =",");

            //  note that lat/long are reversed in appengine
              center: [
              zoom: 11

Really, that’s it.  I’ve plugged a slightly more complicated version of this code into, and now it zoom to (roughly) the user’s location after the map loads.  With this trick, the geolocation is easy, cheap and simple, my favorite kind of trick : ) 

* do not try to teach me about GDPR.  I do not care.

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