I’m currently an engineer at Datavant. We want to connect the world’s medical data, privately and securely, to speed up medical research and drug development.

Until June 2020 I was a co-founder at CloudWright, a low-code app to help non-engineers build internal tools, fast.

Until July 2019 I was a Software Engineer at LiveRamp, where I spent most of my time

  • Migrating LiveRamp’s Hadoop infrastructure (2,500 instances) to GCP
  • Using Hadoop, Cascading, and a couple other big-data buzzwords to build efficient, cost-effective, high throughput data workflows.
  • Leading the Big Data Infrastructure team, where we built tools to help other developers build peta-scale data applications.
  • Contributing to the engineering blog and open-source projects.

I try to stay involved in open-source projects, and have a few of my own on Github.

My email is bpodgursky@gmail.com, and I’m on twitter and GitHub.

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